Meet the Maker

Afterglo Boutique was founded by artist Jane Alexandra on the belief that every jewelry piece unfolds a unique narrative, akin to the enduring allure of an afterglo(w) as the sun sets each evening. Our creations, meticulously crafted with genuine gemstones and crystals, embody the profound beauty from the earth. With a focus on uniquely elegant simplicity, our jewelry is crafted to last, and be memorable + meaningful as both a gift to yourself or a loved one.

The Afterglo Boutique also features soulful and spirited rings + earrings handmade by empowered artisans in India and Thailand. The always evolving collection offers an adventurous mix of traditional and innovative work, with the same standards that Jane holds in her own pieces. The Afterglo Boutique prioritizes ethical sourcing and supports fair trade practices.

 All of our bracelets + Charms are designed and created in Helena, Montana by Jane Alexandra.